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Understanding the Teenagers

   Both Samantha and Kate truly enjoy working with teenagers.

It is such a wonderful, yet difficult time of life. Teens often feel like they've already crossed the bridge to adulthood and know enough to make decisions and choices of their own. Being a teenager is not easy: navigating social life in school, especially with all social media craziness, making friends and loosing people, falling in love for the first time and being betrayed, going through body changes and hormonal hurricanes.. Now, add trauma history and you have a recipe for major problems: anger, depression, hypervigilance, experimenting with drugs and getting in trouble even when they know the consequences, suicidal thoughts and self harm... THIS-IS-HARD! Being a teenager is a hard work.

   And what about parents and the family? Parents loose their minds worrying about their teenage child who suddenly became a different person, smoking weed, stealing and lying, getting involved with a wrong crowd, making one bad decision after another, and worst thing- they don't even seem to care. Parents often feel stuck and powerless: it's different now, you can't just put that six foot tall kid in timeout, there has to be another way. It becomes even more difficult, when parents have trauma baggage of their own, which is impacting their ability to cope with stress.

   Sounds familiar? Well, we got good news and bad news. It’s going to be messy and exhausting for a while. Your current reality did not just happen – it’s months and sometimes years of pain and disconnect. It takes time. The good news is that if you are here, you know something is not working and you want to feel better, you want to feel more connected with your child. There is hope! We can work with that! Schedule a free consultation to find out more and see how we can help you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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